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Paving Pakistan’s Pathway to Efficient Cooling

Via CLASP, a look at how – as Pakistan’s growing population tries to cope with rising temperatures – the demand for cooling is soaring. CLASP is supporting the country’s first Cooling Action Plan to give communities access to efficient cooling appliances while controlling emissions and reducing the strain on power grids. Pakistan endures some of […]

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As Stormwater and Flood Threats Change, Texas Cities Are Using Green Infrastructure To Adapt

Via Texas Water Resource Institute, a look at how – as stormwater and flood threats change -Texas cities are using green infrastructure to adapt: How many storm drains does one residential street need? How much water can a vegetated buffer strip hold? How will new construction and increased impervious surfaces affect stormwater flow into an […]

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Sustainable AC is Possible, Even with Covid Ventilation

Via Anthropocene Magazine, a look at how it is possible to cool a ventilated building below outside temperatures using an uninsulated roof that sends heat to the sky day and night, while regularly changing indoor air for health: Sweltering temperatures due to climate change are prompting an increasing number of people around the world to […]

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Building Cities That Are Kind To Nature

Via CNN, a report on why we should build cities that are kind to nature: With most of the world’s population residing in cities, it’s often challenging to understand how our actions affect remote and wild regions. For Call to Earth Day 2023, we will focus on the vital link between urban areas and wilderness, and […]

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Using AI to Combat Floods, Wildfires and Extreme Heat

Via Google, a look at some AI tools and technologies helping communities around the world address the effects of climate change: From experiencing the hottest summer on record to dealing with frequent and devastating floods and wildfires, the effects of climate change are already here and impacting all of us — particularly the most vulnerable […]

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How Do Heat Pumps Drive Sustainability? 

Via Nature, a look at how heat pumps drive sustainability: In September 2023, French President Emmanuel Macron took a firm stance on climate action during an ecological planning council. His vision? A significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030, measured against the 1990 benchmark. Amidst the diverse array of initiatives presented, one […]

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Black Swans / Green Shoots examines the collision between urbanization and resource scarcity in a world affected by climate change, identifying opportunities to build sustainable cities and resilient infrastructure through the use of revolutionary capital, increased awareness, innovative technologies, and smart design to make a difference in the face of global and local climate perils.

'Black Swans' are highly improbable events that come as a surprise, have major disruptive effects, and that are often rationalized after the fact as if they had been predictable to begin with. In our rapidly warming world, such events are occurring ever more frequently and include wildfires, floods, extreme heat, and drought.

'Green Shoots' is a term used to describe signs of economic recovery or positive data during a downturn. It references a period of growth and recovery, when plants start to show signs of health and life, and, therefore, has been employed as a metaphor for a recovering economy.

It is my hope that Black Swans / Green Shoots will help readers understand both climate-activated risk and opportunity so that you may invest in, advise, or lead organizations in the context of increasing pressures of global urbanization, resource scarcity, and perils relating to climate change. I believe that the tools of business and finance can help individuals, businesses, and global society make informed choices about who and what to protect, and I hope that this blog provides some insight into the policy and private sector tools used to assess investments in resilient reinforcement, response, or recovery.